Two and a half years ago our friend Kirsten was supposed to be enjoying her hen do, but instead was suffering from a stomach bug. What we hoped was a 24hr virus instead led to a rare and life threatening heart condition that required emergency and life saving treatment from Harefield Hospital and resulted in a cancelled wedding. At one stage Kirsten was told she needed a heart transplant. While her heart recovered enough with the expert care from Harefield for this not to be necessary, she met several of the patients for whom it became a reality. We're pleased to report that Kirsten finally got married 3 weeks ago and is doing really well.

Instead of wedding presents she asked for donations to the Harefield Transplant appeal which is raising money for the Organ Care System (OCS). The OCS keeps donated heart and lungs functioning outside of human body making them viable for up to four times longer than the traditional on-ice method. In turn, donated organs can come from further away and the transplant team can have more time to prepare for a life-saving surgery. They are also able to take on more complicated cases as well as use organs that would not be viable without the OCS.

So Tim and I have decided to do our bit and run the Eden half marathon dressed as love hearts (there are hula hoops and blue tights involved....) to help raise money for this life saving cause. So please give what you can and thanks in advance for your support. Emily Linton