On the 23rd November 2019 I will be taking part in my first Boxing match for charity!

It is something I have wanted to do for years and now I feel I'm ready to take on the challenge ... I will be supporting 2 charity while on doing my 8 week training.

Cancer Research & Royal Brompton Charity

The Royal Brompton Charity it Extremely close to my heart (Sorry it had to be said) I have had 2 open heart surgery's in my life, the latest only being 2 years ago. This hospital and charity has done some much for me and my family. I want to help anyone that is or has gone through similar situations while being at such an amazing hospital.

I lost a friend to cancer 2 years ago and I have had family members that have had it and now living a health life because the great work this charity does!


Thank you for supporting me and giving to such amazing causes !

I will keep you updated with the progress

Tomas Nocentini

Insta - @tomasntraining Tomas Nocentini