Dear friends!

It is true…I will be running my first half-marathon this October! The same person that 2 years ago would say “I don´t run, I walk!”…

But this is not about me!
This is all about the amazing institution where I have the pleasure to work - the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital.

I could give you astonishing numbers about the work we do there, but I rather prefer to say that we aim to treat each patient as a single and unique human being, and make their experience as positive as possible, when some of them are facing the most daunting days of their lives.

I will be running this half-marathon aiming to fundraise for “Harefield Transplant Appeal”.
If you want to know a bit more about this cause, please have a look at the official webpage, at ""

“Don´t break a beating heart” and show your support to this cause! Ana Francisca Caetano