Why not turn your hobby or skill into a way to fundraise for our hospitals?

Take a leaf out of Lorraine Hawkes’ book – she loves to hand craft toys and models in her spare time and sell them at local car boot sales and craft fairs. Lorraine then donates all proceeds to the Charity.

Lorraine is a long standing supporter of the charity after her brother Trevor received a double lung transplant over seven years ago. Over the years, Lorraine has raised over £400 by using her creative skills.

Or you can follow Mumtaz Suleiman's lead - she loves painting and decided to paint as part of her pledge for the #FitIn15 challenge to raise money for the Patients' Fund. 

She says “I was inspired to paint during the #FitIn15 Challenge because I saw it as a great way to relax after a busy day at work as well as doing something creative. Although Fitin15 is now finished, I hope to still continue painting and enrol on a painting course this Autumn at the Saatchi gallery and donate a painting to raise funds for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity.”