Help fight NHS England's plans to shut congenital heart disease services at Royal Brompton by responding to the consultation

UPDATE: Since the announcement of the snap General Election on 8 June, the consultation period will now run until 17 July. Make your voice heard today by filling in the consultation form. Make your voice heard!

We are in the middle of NHS England's public consultation phase on plans to decommission congenital heart disease (CHD) services at Royal Brompton Hospital. If this plan goes ahead it would not just force CHD services to close, but could also close a range of other services – including the children's intensive care unit, the hospital's world-famous CHD research unit and a range of child services including cystic fibrosis and difficult asthma. Over 14,000 patients would be affected.

NHS England say their plans are to improve CHD care standards. But it makes no sense to try and improve standards by closing one of the country’s biggest, safest and most effective services, nor one of the most celebrated research units in the world.

We think these plans are flawed for the following reasons:

  • NHS England cannot explain how their plans would in any way make things better for patients.
  • They have refused to say how much their plans would cost the NHS and tax-payer, though we know it will be many millions of pounds.
  • They have ignored the impact this will have on all the patients affected by the closure of the services other than CHD.
  • They haven’t thought about how closing the world’s leading CHD research unit will impact on future treatments and care standards.
  • They have ignored all the evidence showing that Royal Brompton has already achieved everything they say they want to achieve with their plans.
  • They say their plans are backed by most doctors and patients, but we know this isn’t true.

How you can help

Royal Brompton provides some of the UK’s best heart and lung disease care. Don't let NHS England break a beating heart.