Friend and supporter of the Charity, Jane Asher, shares a collection of easy, delicious recipes to inspire your family baking in lockdown.

"Hi - I'm writing this while we are in the midst of this horrible virus and am isolated at home with some of my family. I've found cooking for them an important part of making these strange weeks as enjoyable as possible. I've always loved baking, not only because of the delicious cakes, breads, biscuits and pies that it produces, but there is something very satisfying and therapeutic about it. It's a lovely thing to do with children of all ages; making gingerbread men or cupcakes with a young child can encourage a love of cookery and good food - as well as an interest in science - that can last a lifetime.

There are some delicious and interesting recipes here put forward by caterers and enthusiasts alike, and making any of them should not only give you something tasty to eat, but also a sense of achievement out of all proportion to the amount of effort required.

Sweet cakes and biscuits are for treats of course - it is really important that we all eat healthily while we are stuck at home - but there are plenty of options here and I know you'll have fun making them.

Meanwhile, I do congratulate the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity for their emergency appeal and send my thanks to all who have supported it. Royal Brompton took care of two close relatives of mine for many years, and I've always felt a sense of gratitude to them. At this time of intense pressure and difficulty, I send all the dedicated staff there, together with all the other NHS frontline colleagues who are working so hard on our behalf, my personal thanks and admiration"

Best wishes,