rb&hArts, with the support of the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity, brings all forms of the arts to Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust for the enjoyment of patients, visitors and staff

Over the past 15 years, rb&hArts established an innovative hospital arts programme at the Trust. Designed to improve the wellbeing of patients, visitors staff and the local communities surrounding each hospital they engage with patients with heart and lung disease from all over the country. Over a 12-month period, an estimated 5,000 people participate, often engaging in the arts for the first time.

The permanent art collection and Visual Arts

1,200 artworks are displayed across the hospital estate and temporary exhibitions in public spaces.  Work on temporary display is for sale and includes a donation to support the arts programme at the Trust.

rb&hArts also support capital projects and ward refurbishments, advising on how to make spaces to promote better health and recovery through bespoke commissions.

Vocal Beats

This initiative supports young patients on Rose Ward at the Brompton, through opportunities to learn and make music every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon throughout 2017. Lead music facilitator, Heather McClelland, is working alongside two beat boxers – Grace Savage and MC Zani – so expect to hear boots, cats and lips drills alongside the beautiful sound of the ukulele! 

Singing for Breathing

Since 2008, Singing for Breathing workshops have offered weekly vocal coaching to support adults with long-term respiratory conditions or people living with breathlessness. It teaches key skills (diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation, posture and singing) and offers a fun, friendly class to support people to better manage their conditions.

  • Harefield: Mondays, 11.15am, Harefield Village Library
  • Royal Brompton: Tuesdays, 11:00am, Quiet Room, Victoria Wards, Fulham Wing

Live music and bedside singing

Live music, singing and creative music-making opportunities in healthcare engages people of all ages and transcends the need for language. It also enables the sharing of a positive experience, even during very challenging circumstances. Often acting as a conversation starter, many patients have commented on how a performance has provided respite from the boredom, loneliness and anxiety of being in hospital. 

Award‐winning composer and artist Verity Standen is currently in residence and renowned for creating innovative experiences with original vocal music at their heart. Join us in May and June for a new singing project, Airborne.

Support the Arts in our Hospitals

They are many ways in which you can support the arts programme.

  • Volunteer and/or fundraise to bring the healing power of the arts to more people in hospital and outpatients.
  • Follow rb&hArts on Twitter/Facebook to find out more and join activities
  • Join the rbhArts mailing list here
  • Call us on 020 7352 8121 x 4087
  • Or visit www.rbht.nhs.uk/arts