Help us bring a first of its kind in London imaging system to Royal Brompton Hospital

At Royal Brompton Hospital, high-quality imaging isn't just a luxury - it's a lifeline. From diagnosing patients to guiding life-saving procedures, clear and precise images are essential for every step of the journey.

Why we need your support

We're on a mission to equip Royal Brompton Hospital with a brand new gamma camera - the first of its kind in London. This revolutionary machine offers a 360-degree view of the body, providing unparalleled accuracy and speed in diagnosis. By catching conditions earlier and with greater detail, we can save lives and improve patient outcomes.

How you can help

By signing up for the 2024 London Bridges Walk you will be helping to raise the vital funds needed for the gamma camera. Create a fundraising page using the “Fundraise” button above and start raising funds to advance patient care today.

You can find out more about the gamma camera and why it is needed in this video:

Make an impact today

Your generosity will not only bring advanced technology to Royal Brompton Hospital, but it will also help keep the hospital at the leading edge of patient care. Together, let's change lives and shape the future of healthcare. Thank you for your support.