Jim's Blog - "What can I say about the team at Harefield? There is nothing I wouldn't do for those people"

In his blog, Jim talks about his experience of receiving a cath lab procedure at Harefield Hospital in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more

Graham's Story - "Ever since I've had the procedure, I feel totally different, I feel like a new man!"

Despite having problems with his heart previously, Graham had been enjoying a full life. However, when his health deteriorated towards the end of 2019, he was given the news no one wants to hear. Read more

Daniela's blog - "Thank you so much, my dear Donor! If you could only see the big smile on my face"

In March, I celebrated my 30th heart and lungs transplant birthday, and I am still so grateful for my second life! It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth fighting for. Read more

Dave's Blog - "when I tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, my initial thoughts were for my new heart and then my lungs"

Dave contracted Covid-19 a year after his heart transplant, but with the help of staff at Harefield hospital, he's now home and self-isolating. Read more

Jo's Blog - "I think of the hospital as my second home. I call it my ‘South Kensington pad’ "

In her blog, Jo talks about her life with cystic fibrosis, and how hiccups along the way didn't stop her from taking on the 2.6 Challenge. Read more

Mamatha's blog - "I am proud of my job, my hospital, and my colleagues. I am blessed in every way"

In her blog, Harefield staff nurse Mamatha reflects upon balancing work and family life in the Covid-19 pandemic Read more

Andrew's Blog - "Those who have had transplants have already experienced living a new life. Mine has been amazing"

As a recipient of a double lung transplant, Andrew wants to make the most of this new opportunity at life, even in self-isolation Read more

Amy's blog - "We can rebuild and get together with one another again"

In her blog, Amy talks about her thoughts, fears, and comforts whilst self isolating during the Covid-19 crisis. Read more

Sophie's blog - "Everyday I am trying to do one thing that I have been meaning to do for a long time"

In this blog, Sophie shares her thoughts about self isolating for the next 12 weeks after receiving a double lung transplant, and her appreciation for the NHS. Read more

Andy's blog - "Leigh was a truly wonderful loving lady."

In October last year, Andy's wife Leigh sadly passed away. In this week's blog, Andy shares their story. Read more

Abiona's blog - "I can’t thank Royal Brompton Hospital enough"

Abiona was admitted to Royal Brompton Hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy. In her blog, she thanks the staff that looked after her. Read more

Susie and Kate's blog - "None of this would have been possible without ECMO"

Last year, Susie became unwell and was taken to Royal Brompton Hospital. In this blog, Susie and her wife Kate share their ECMO story. Read more

Paul's blog - "Here is a big thank you to all past, present and future staff"

In his blog, Paul recalls his time spent at Royal Brompton Hospital in 1962, when he was just 7 years old. Read more

Matthew's blog - "ECMO came to our rescue when literally all hope was lost"

Matthew's daughter Tessa was found lying on her bedroom floor, barely conscious. In his blog, Matthew tells her life-saving ECMO story through a Father's eye. Read more

Karen's blog - "We cannot praise Royal Brompton and its staff enough"

In her blog, Karen thanks the special people and the special place that cared and continues to care for her husband John. Read more

Adele's blog - "I owe the AICU team and ECMO so much”

Adele was diagnosed with late-onset asthma in March – she had been suffering from a cough for five months and started to feel very poorly. Read more

Sarah's blog - "People call Saroj the ‘miracle man’"

People call my husband Saroj the ‘miracle man’. Here is our story why. Read more

Helen's blog - "ECMO was the last resort"

The first thing Helen remembers is Boxing Day when her sister said she thought Helen seemed a little bit under the weather. Read more

Tracy's blog - "ECMO saved my life after developing sepsis"

In the summer of 2017, I had a fall at home which resulted in fracturing my humerus. I came home from hospital and about a week or so later developed sepsis. Read more

Mike's blog - "How do you say thank you to the people that saved your grandson’s life?"

On the 16th August 2013, we were absolutely delighted by the birth of our grandson Thomas. However, our celebrations were short-lived as it became apparent that Thomas was very unwell. Read more

Jamie's blog - "I hope sharing my story can help and support people going through similar issues"

In December 2017, aged 37, I underwent open-heart surgery at Royal Brompton Hospital for a Bicuspid Aortic Valve, or BAV for short. Read more

Sammy's blog - "We will be forever grateful for everything Harefield did for Dad "

On Thursday 29th March 2018 our dad Colin Jones, aged just 59, lost his fight against heart disease at Harefield Hospital. Read more

Johnny's blog - One old man losing his tummy

Johnny is cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats in the space of only 13 days to raise funds for our Transforming Your Care Appeal. Read more

Dave's blog - "I still can’t quite comprehend what has happened to me"

I first found out that I had cardiomyopathy when I was in my early thirties. My heart decided to go into arrhythmia one Sunday afternoon so it was clear that something wasn’t right. Read more