Eugene's blog - "The journey continues in Spain"

Eugene's journey continues in Spain as he takes on 100 kilometre stretch of the Camino De Santiago. Read more

Paul’s Story – “May I encourage you, your family, friends and communities to read this very special book”

A Surgeon and a Maverick - The Life and Pioneering Work of Magdi Yacoub is a wonderful book Read more

Susie’s Story - "How the Remarkable Staff at Harefield Hospital Saved My Mum and Made Her a Part of My Wedding!"

Susie shares how Harefield Hospital preformed lifesaving surgery saving her mums life and made her a part of her big day. Read more

Jeremy's Story - "ECMO saved Jeremy’s life, so we raised £10,000 to help critically ill heart and lung patients"

From Birthday Bliss to Emergency Response – Jeremy shares his story of how ECMO saved his life. Read more

Kaveeta's Story - "If she had ignored my mother's concerns and delayed for even a day, I might have faced a tragic fate"

Kaveeta shares her story of how a paediatric appointment became a life-saving turning point. She takes us through her remarkable journey with Pulmonary Atresia and Ventricular Septal Defect. Read more

Ben’s Story - “If it had been a day later, I'd have been dead”

Ben shares his story of how he went from being fit and healthy to losing about two and a half stone in skeletal muscle, leaving him barely able to move Read more

Zuri’s story - “My baby had been through enough and the gamma camera made sure she didn’t have to go through yet another invasive treatment”

May and Thiha share their baby Zuri's story of how the gamma Gamma Camera made sure she didn’t have to go through yet another invasive treatment. Read more

Angela's Story - “I was half a day old with a hole in my heart”

Angela shares the story of being born with Transposition of the Great Arteries, a rare and  life-threatening condition Read more

Michael’s Story – “Just to get off the bed and stand was like fighting two tigers at the same time”

Michael shares with us his incredible story of heart failure and being given at LVAD at Harefield Hospital Read more

Malcolm’s Story - “I want to create awareness of endocarditis so that people don’t go through what I went through”

Malcolm became ill in early 2021. At first, he thought he had Covid-19. However, it emerged that he had endocarditis, a very serious heart condition Read more

Matt's Story - "In reaching the middle of that life they saved, I want to be able to give something back."

Matt is taking part in the London Marathon 2023 to thank Royal Brompton for their lifetime of care. Read more

Sam and Graeme’s Story - “This hospital fought to make Graeme better and gave me support and care too”

What presented initially an untreatable cough, led to Graeme being placed on the urgent transplant list for a new heart. Read more

Sam’s Story – “When I was transferred back to Royal Brompton, it was just like going home”

It took four months to mend Sam’s heart, now climbing Snowden is on her horizon thanks to Royal Brompton’s care Read more

Helen and Louis’s story – “Without his diagnosis and transplant, my daughter and I would be without him today”

Helen, her family and friends are taking on extraordinary fundraising events to thank our hospitals for her partner’s extraordinary care Read more

John's Story - "Harefield Hospital is a special and unique place. I never get tired of returning for appointments."

John is representing Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in Australia and is using it as an opportunity to support us. Read more

Kylie’s story - "I run to help those that need it the most"

Kylie shares her motivation for running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Ruben's Fund Read more

Peter's story - "This is for all the people who have made it possible for me to get here"

For Organ Donation Week, Peter shares his transplant story. From double lung transplant to winning gold at the Transplant Games Read more

Lindsay's story - "Without my donor and the generosity of his family I could never had done any of this"

This Organ Donation Week we are celebrating some of the Harefield Athletes who won medals at the British Transplant Games. Read more

Martin's Story - "The surgical team at Harefield saved my life, and have given me a new life. I can’t thank them enough"

In 2021, Martin had open heart surgery at Harefield Hospital. In this blog he writes about his experience Read more

Lawrence’s story – “If it wasn’t for Royal Brompton, I wouldn’t have gone on to have three healthy wonderful sons”

A father-of-three who underwent open heart surgery in his mid 20s has been raising money for the hospital which saved his life Read more

Cliff’s Story – “Giving back to the hospital for the great care that I received is a real motivator for me”

Cliff talks to us about being a transplant patient at Harefield Hospital and volunteering for the Charity Read more