Early 2023, Susie, and her partner Dave, who had been together for nine years, made the decision to take their relationship to the next level by getting married. As the wedding date drew near, they opted for a vacation in Greece to take a break from all the wedding planning. It was during this getaway that Susie received the most heart wrenching news.On the third day of their charming getaway, Susie received a phone call from her daughter, urgently conveying, "Mum, you have to come home immediately. Nana is seriously ill.”

Shocked by this distressing news knowing her mum rarely got ill and was healthy when she left, Susie and her partner hastily gathered their belongings and rushed to the airport, only to encounter significant delays. Anxiety swarmed the atmosphere as Susie received an update from her daughter with the doctors stating: "There is no hope for your mum."

With thoughts swirling in her mind, Susie couldn't fathom her big day without her mum Ursula. Thankfully, she managed to reach the hospital to visit her mum in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Following an appointment with her doctor, Ursula was promptly directed to the Accident and Emergency department for further investigations, as the doctor harboured concerns about her heart. Ursula, accompanied by her husband and their great-granddaughter, entered the A&E, unaware of the impending challenges.

Shortly after the consultants examined Ursula, it became evident that she urgently required a new heart valve. Ursula was diagnosed with mitral valve regurgitation where the blood flows the wrong way.

Ursula approached the situation with a light hearted remark, saying: "Oh, can't I just do some exercise and it'll get better?" However, within a mere two hours of that conversation, her heart unexpectedly stopped, and she found herself in intensive care with no hopeful prognosis

As Susie and her family braced themselves to bid their final goodbyes, a miracle unfolded. Susie's mother emerged from the danger zone, although heavily sedated. This fortunate turn of events provided an opportunity for her to be transferred to Harefield Hospital for surgery on the 2nd of October to address the heart leak. 

Susie's mum, having maintained an active lifestyle while caring for her great-granddaughter, had increased odds in navigating this life and death situation. After the surgery, the surgeon explained that it had been a very close call, but fortunately, the surgery was successful.

A few days later, on October 8th, Susie married her partner without both of her parents present. However, Susie experienced a second miracle when, on the same day, her mum woke up for the first time after her surgery, she had been sedated since 22nd September. 

On October 10th, Susie had an idea to recreate a small ceremony with her mum and family to celebrate her big day. After some discussion, the incredible team at Harefield Hospital managed to find a space to recreate this special moment, allowing her dad to walk his daughter down the aisle. Susie said: "It was nothing short of a miracle."

“We can’t thank the staff at Harefield hospital enough, they were able to create so many miracles from saving my mum to helping her be a part of my wedding. THANK YOU!!”



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