Making patient life that little bit more like normal life

Each year, hospital staff are invited to submit projects that they believe will enhance the lives of the patients they serve. Funds are then allocated to those projects that are likely to have the biggest impact.

Why are these projects not funded by the NHS?

NHS funding does not stretch to cover many of these projects because they are not deemed to be “essential”. However, as many staff, patients and visitors can testify, these projects are essential in a different way, as they improve the wellbeing of so many people. In turn, this improves recovery times and reduces stress and anxiety for patients. 

How much is the fund?

The Charity aims to fundraise £100,000 a year to the Patients' Fund. It has led to many improvements, some of which are listed below.

Recently funded projects

  • Privacy screens for patients in our who are waiting to be returned to their ward
  • Specialist exercise equipment for intensive care patients with limited mobility
  • Handheld fans for patients who struggle with breathlessness
  • A ceiling light dreamscape for disoriented patients waking up in intensive care

Please help us fund these life-enhancing projects – your small change can make a big change to a patient