During the six-month period awaiting a heart transplant, Emily* found herself confined within the walls of Harefield hospital due to the equipment essential for her medication, which needed frequent topping up and charging. In a thoughtful effort to enhance Emily's health and well-being, the psychology team enlisted the support of rb&hArts to involve her and fellow patients in creative activities. 

The most interesting part of my week

Over 22 weeks, rb&hArts put together a series of artistic activities, spanning from painting to pottery. This helped Emily’s stay in hospital tremendously; she expressed that these sessions were “the most interesting part of my week.” rb&hArts was able to provide relief from the confines of her room by offering a valuable avenue for socialising and acquiring new skills.

Emily said the session on cubism was her favourite. This session included an introduction to the cubist art form, before patients participated in painting a portrait showcasing staff members in a cubist style. The resulting artwork found a proud place in her room. Emily shared: "These two sessions brought great joy as we could express ourselves through a myriad of colours and shapes, creating a picture that exudes openness and the unique aesthetic of cubism."

Rb&hArts, with its diverse program encompassing music, arts and crafts, reflexology, and more, has played a vital role in enhancing the health and well-being of patients such as Emily. From green spaces to healthcare mentoring for musicians, these opportunities contribute to the holistic support of patients, staff, and the broader community around the hospitals.

Right now, Doubling December is raising funds for rb&hArts. These funds will contribute towards helping patients in their recovery journey and fostering a more comfortable hospital stay. Your support will directly impact the well-being of individuals during challenging times.

If you are inspired by Emily's story, please consider donating to Doubling December, which is supporting rb&hArts this year, where all donations made will be doubled.

*A change of name was implemented to safeguard the anonymity of the patient.