Help us mend many more hearts and ensure Royal Brompton patients benefit from innovative equipment in our non-surgical procedure unit, or 'cath lab'

We are raising £400,000 to support the hospital in making its catheter laboratory better for hundreds of patients who undergo life-saving treatments each year. 

Will you be a part of this life-saving appeal?

What is a cardiac catheter laboratory?

Royal Brompton's catheter laboratory, often called the 'cath lab', is where our heart patients undergo non-surgical procedures and tests, like angiograms and angioplasties. It is also where a patient would go to have a pacemaker fitted. 

Patients are usually awake throughout these 'non-invasive' procedures, which means they can often go home on the same day. Our cath lab shouldn't be confused with our operating theatres, where patients go when they need heart surgery. This is far more invasive and takes a lot longer to recover from.

The Charity is very proud to support innovation that will allow our patients to return to their normal lives, families and friends, far sooner and we hope that you will help us reach our goal.

What equipment is the Charity funding?

With your generous help, we aim to fund:

1 A state of the art scanner called an Artis One, which provides better image quality, allowing doctors to diagnose conditions more effectively.

2 The display monitors, needed by medical staff to view the high resolution imagery provided by the scanner.

A brand new multi-functioning operating table to replace the current outdated one.

Help us mend #ManyMoreHearts, like Jara's. 

Jara, who was born with a congenital heart defect and is a patient at Royal Brompton Hospital, knows first hand how crucial funding for cardiac care is. 

When you are born with a congenital heart defect, that’s the only life you know. You take more breaks and take longer to do things. But when you get a device fitted to help you live, it shows you how fragile life can be.

I live a healthy, happy life and I’m quite sporty. I became more aware of the value of time and using this time wisely.

Why do we need your help?

While the NHS Trust that looks after Royal Brompton can afford to fund a refurbishment of the cath lab, it has struggled to find the funding for the equipment, which is so needed to ensure our heart patients get the best possible treatment.

That's why we are stepping in to plug the gap, and why we're asking for your help to achieve this important ambition.

Please consider making a donation. Thank you.