July 9th 2023, I’m back doing another skydive in order to raise money for the most amazing hospital in the uk when it comes to hearts & lungs! harefield went above and beyond with care for my mum over the years!
Sadly we lost my mum back in 2021 to covid. But she had the most amazing 11 years with her double lung transplant. She was able to make memory’s with her husband, 5 children and all her 10 grandchildren she otherwise wouldn’t of been able to.
I’m so grateful for the 11 years we got extra. was many ups and downs but nothing Harefield couldn’t support us through. Always got mum back healthy on her feet, even after 2 spouts of rejection!

This is my 2nd jump for Harefield, my 1st was at 10,000ft only 2 days after my mums funeral, and amazingly raised over £700 in the space of a few weeks! Thank you to everyone who supported me ❤️

This time I’m going higher! The highest altitude possible 15,000ft, 60 second free fall! 😁✈️ very nervous to say the least but it’s all for the most amazing cause!

I want to be part of the reason other families get extra precious years with their loved ones just like we did ❤️
so much love goes out to the family of my mums donor ❤️🕊️ and many other donor family’s out there! Changing peoples live’s, giving people second chances ❤️ it’s a hard choice to make for some, going on the donor list, but it’s the most magical rewarding thing you could ever do 🥰

Kayleigh Sartin