Ooops, I seem to be dangling in mid air...hanging out with mittal - my favourite haunt. Do I need nerves of steel to do this? you bet! but as always, mittal has thought of everything and surrounded me with plenty of steel - so all I need to do is amalgamate my nerves with the steel provided.

....therefore it would be an honour if you could support me (as much as I hope my harness will), to raise funds for the Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust whilst descending from mind-blowing heights from the arcelormittalorbit. The arcelormittal is higher than the statue of liberty and the biggest structure in Europe. With mittal being part of our heritage, and the name “mittal” in the event name, it's got to be a winner. Hoping to raise from £250 to £infinity.

Please don't keep me dangling....or patients dangling - they depend on your input today for important treatment tomorrow (raising money for innovative cut throat research and procedures). Heart and lung disease are the two biggest killers on the planet, one small donation from you is a huge step for mankind. What I am doing is tiny in comparison.

Remember ....tomorrow it could be you needing help from the Brompton, so please give generously...

I'll see you there at the end

This feat is 98% donation, 1 % perspiration and 1% nerves-of-steelation - (Brompton et al 2018)

Thanking you in advance.