Christmas Eve 2014 my dad was taken into hospital with chest pains, it was made aware that his aorta had ruptured and rather than blood being pumped around the body it was leaking out into the cavity walls.

In light of this he was transferred to the Royal Brompton hospital in London where the staff from High Wycombe were unsure we would even make it. At around midnight he under went life saving surgery where the doctors had to make him a new aorta. The surgery was a success and they saved his life. Within 2 weeks he was home and doing well. 4 years later he is fighting fit!

The care from this hospital was truly amazing, if it wasn’t for them we have been left without a husband/ father/ grandfather we as a family can’t thank them enough!

Please donate for a well deserving charity, thank you Celina & Megan xxx

Celina Mcgrath