My dad, Colin (75), has always looked after himself - eating healthily, never smoking, drinking (in moderation!) and leading an active and healthy lifestyle with mum and his large circle of friends and family.

Christmas 2018 was a relatively normal affair in the Harrison household for dad:- the last minute stocking present wrapping for his grandchildren; the cheeky afternoon nap whilst trying to play a board game; the muddy country walks; entertaining friends and of course, all washed down with plenty of food and drink!

By the new year, dad was suffering mild chest pains and having undergone some tests at the local doctors surgery was admitted to Harefield for an emergency heart bypass operation, due to a congenital condition. The procedure occurred within 48 hours of being admitted and dad spent the next week in the care of the fantastic staff at Harefield. Within 7 days of the operation, dad was discharged to start his rehabilitation at home and continues to go from strength to strength as each day passes.

Harefield Hospital gave dad the most amazing care and attention, as well as supporting mum, my brother and me, throughout what was an anxious time for our family and friends.

I will be taking part in the Brighton Marathon on April 14th 2019 to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to Harefield and all it's staff and to raise funds for their continued work and care for all patients and their families.

The Marathon has always been on my 'bucket list' and what better excuse to do it for a cause close to my heart! Let the training continue........ David Harrison