Me and my girlfriend found out we was having a baby, on our 20 week scan we found out we was having a boy but he had a heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. The months after we had so many scans and so many people we had met it was very overwhelming, the doctor doing the cardiac scan said she had concerns about his lungs and whether he could have the operation once he's is born, fortunately we had a mri scan for him before he was born and everything was ok! He was born with my partner having a c section and being told he was fine other than his condition was the best feeling ever so he got transferred over to the royal brompton picu unit to wait for his operation the nurses were lovely and very considerate asking how we was and explaining what each line was for and what's to expect. He had his operation, open heart surgery, at 5 days old and everything went very well with his surgery and is now recovering from that but he is doing so well with the help of the surgeon and all the nurses who are helping me my partner and my son through this!

Michael Kinsella