Hi Everyone,
Remember us? Yes, Wombles are back with more friends and young mathematical geniuses. And once again we are preparing for the London Bridges Walk in support of Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals (RBH) Charity.
RBH is one of the leading heart and lung specialist hospitals in the world, taking care of patients with chronic heart or lung conditions and carrying out continuous programmes of pioneering research to improve the lives of those long-term sufferers. My wife, Dorothy Womble, is one of many such people. Without their expert care and support, her life would be impossible and she would never be able to leave our burrow.
So please help us by sponsoring our 10km walk on 2nd July, zigzagging Thames by crossing all bridges between Vauxhall and the City. And if you are free that day, do register (https://www.rbhcharity.org/Event/london-bridges-walk-2023) and join us in this fun event.
Thank you for your generosity in advance!
Honami - the Chief Womble Honami Matsutani