To support RBHT and the amazing things they do for our community.

Team Members: Graham Walsh, Michelle Kelly, Frances Wakefield and friends.

The beginning….
The founder of our company was the woman who gave us our name, Eleanor Josephine Haire. Eleanor, who was born in 1939 and originally came from Ireland, worked as a nurse in London and drew on her professional experience to start a company providing nursing services in 1979.

All about us:
Eleanor Hospital Logistics business is different to other third party logistic providers. We understand the needs of the NHS, having managed facilities management materials management teams and services from within hospitals, including off-site warehouse support.

Using the latest technology and bespoke system software, Eleanor Hospital Logistics offers a suite of services designed to support NHS trusts, hospitals and other healthcare providers to enhance clinical practice and care while reducing operating costs.

In addition to these hospital and healthcare solutions, we also provide facilities management consultancy, storage and general logistics solutions for all sectors and customers across the UK.

Frances Wakefield