Fergus and I (pictured left and right) are running the Brighton Half Marathon on the 25th February 2024 in support of the Harefield Transplant Research charity. This photograph was taken after our first Brighton Half Marathon in 2022 with our friend and colleague Susi Green (pictured middle).
Susi unfortunately suffered a sudden and serious illness at the end of November 2023 and was transferred to Harefield Hospital for her care. It soon became apparent that Susi would need a heart transplant, and she received her new heart on 22nd December 2023. She is now back home with her family and recovering well.
If it were not for the exceptional care of the Harefield team, there was a real possibility that Susi may not have survived her illness. We would like to say thank you to the Harefield team for all their expertise, care and attention that they showed to Susi by raising money to help them help others in a similar situation. Please give what you can to this fantastic charity.
  Vanessa Kahr