Kevin is now home, doing amazingly well, still a long road of recovery, however having help with physio and Linda being his carer, he can talk and has an incredible memory, he has muscle weakness so building up his strength daily, we could not have got to this point without all your help, support, comments, donations, hospital and nursing teams, so thank you all once again, he is a COVID 19 Survivor and absolute hero!!

We have left the update until we had some positive news, Kevin has been up and down in his Covid journey, but TODAY we had some fantastic news and Linda got to clap him coming out of the ICU ward today, he has a long road to recovery and currently on the respiratory ward but he is fighting hard, Linda has updated him about this page and he cant wait to read all his comments and is overwhelmed with all your support, A huge thank you to The Royal Brompton Hospital and the Bath RUH, all the staff have been fantastic and Kevin is now speaking slowly and has a great memory and sense of humour! :-) We couldn't have got through this hard time without all your lovely comments and fundraising. We are so grateful. Thank you <3

Some of you may/may not know that my Uncle Kevin, Husband to Linda Abigail, is currently being looked after in the Royal Bromptom hospital after contracting COVID 19, he was originally being treated in the RUH Bath but required a specialist, The Royal Bromptom hospital has taken him under their wing and he has been given another chance of life by being provided with an ECMO machine, he is still recovering and not awake as of yet, however he is improving with the help and support of the machine and all the staff there, he has a long recovery road, but we are praying everyday he keeps making progress.We are so grateful as a family and want to raise money for the hospital so more patients can have access to these wonderful machines! Thank you

Kevin Abigail