Emily’s was a truly inspirational life that touched many people and encouraged others not to give up the battle. During her life, she helped raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Royal Brompton Hospital and Harefield Hospital; and despite her problems faced them with a smile on her face and the determination to live a full life. She helped sufferers, carers and medical professionals to better understand her illness and how to care for those with it.

As Emily’s family, we would like to invest in projects and events that will help and inspire others with lung and respiratory diseases to take a similar positive attitude and live a full life. 

Please take the time to watch this video - Climbing for my Donor - of Emily and her fellow heart and lung transplant patients, you can find the video here.

Emily explains why she climbs mountains - both in her life and to thank donors - watch it here. She did it without complaining, inspiring many others along the way.

You can read Emily's obituary in The Times here or you can listen to Emily's husband John talk about Emily and her extraordinary life in the clip below.

Rupert Pearce Gould