Sadly, on 26th August 2022 our precious Nick lost his fight against heart failure and the world lost a truly great person far too soon. He was a husband, a daddy to his two precious, young children (Emily, 3 years and George, 10 months), a son, a brother, and great friend to many people.

After a shocking and sudden decline in health, Nick was rapidly admitted to Harefield Hospital in Uxbridge - one of the largest and most experienced hospitals for heart and lung transplants in the world. Nick was admitted with a very poorly heart which they were determined to fix. In the 8 weeks that Nick was being cared for, the hospital showed nothing but care, devotion and a desire to fix him. From the cardiac surgeons, to the doctors, nurses and family support workers right through to the porters and catering staff, the whole team worked tirelessly together to provide Nick and our family with the best care and support. The hospital exhausted every option and were devastated that they could not save him. Sadly on this occasion, despite fighting harder than anyone should have to, Nick lost a fight that couldn't be won. Harefield truly believe in what they do and want to make a difference.

Nick was the kindest, most caring, patient, loving and devoted person we knew who just simply appreciated and loved life. He loved to share his knowledge, help others and improve the world around him. In setting up this page, we want to carry out Nick's wishes to help others and support Harefield to continue their great work. With your donations, Harefield will be able to continue providing heart transplants, develop artificial hearts and continue their research into fighting and treating diseases of the heart.

Nick's life was cut cruelly short but he loved life and would want others to be able to live long, fulfilled lives. By donating you will help Nick's memory live on and will make a difference to other families in a similar situation to ours. Leane Hewett