As most of you will know Darrell sadly passed away on Sunday 28th April at Royal Brompton hospital surrounded by fantastic caring medical and nursing staff.

Darrell had so much love for the hospital who carried out several operations over the last 10 plus years.

Darrell spent 7 months in Royal Brompton this time round and we are all truly grateful for everything everyone has done for him.

Sadly death was looking likely so Darrell completed his own funeral plan. He asked for people not to send flowers but in fact make a donation to the hospital.

We would really like to raise Money so they can purchase an exercise bike which is wheelchair friendly in honour of Darrell.

Once again without Royal Brompton hospital Darrell would not have had the great and amazing life he had.

Darrell truly was one in a million , a true legend, as been said by so many people that knew him , Lets do something in return for such a great man who gave and did so much for so many people x Ashley Freeland