I am now 33 years old. For the past two years I have been in end stage Cystic Fibrosis, which meant oxygen when walking, sometimes when I was just sitting down doing nothing. Over night my lungs wouldn't work properly which meant I had to go onto a BiPap machine with oxygen. The BiPap inflated my lungs while I slept.
I didn't get to go out much at all I spent a lot of time in hospital on iv's trying to fight the continuous infection I had. My life was 4 walls, I couldn't even make myself food as it would make me far too tired and drained.
Over the past year I had 5 calls for new lungs each one falling through. Things where getting very tough for me. After a shower I felt so tired and drained I ended up needing a lie down.
But then when it seemed it was not going to happen I got a call on the 14th June 2018, it was in the middle of the night again they said they had a match, once I got off the phone I called my mum and Dj (my boyfriend) told them to get ready but they may as well have a cuppa as we had two hours to get there in.
We are so used to the routine by now we had it down to a fine art lol. We were like three little Zombies walking out of my car and into the hospital.
We waited a very long time before we found out it was definitely happening and they was taking me down in 30 min. 30 Min!! we were shocked I didn't believe it, it all happened so quickly after the long wait I had to quickly tell my siblings and give them a message incase I didn't make it through the operation. So much emotions going through my head it was like a whirlwind.
I was gone for over 8 hours no one knowing anything until my mum finally got the call I had made it through the operation and everything was OK.
I did have a few hiccups my lungs and body did not want to become friends and they kept collapsing I ended up waking up three times and being put back under twice. I had 5 chest drains in which were not very comfortable to say the least.
On the second time I was put back to sleep I hadn't slept since they woke me up, I was to be honest scared. I thought soon as I go sleep my lungs will stop working. The day they saw I was struggling too much I had been put back on BiPap to help me out as I was so tired so the only option was to be put back under and a broncosopy done to check my lungs. DJ had turned up and was telling me how well I had done I just had to fight that bit longer, I was too tired i didn't think I could. But You can not give up fighting when you want something so badly. I wanted to get home so bad so I fought.
I shocked everyone with how quickly I made it out of ICU after the fun and games in the beginning.

Everyone at Harefield are so dedicated to help you through the whole process from beginning to end even after the discharge from hospital.
I am now doing this walk to try raise some money so they can keep finding new ways to help us transplant people the new, old and the ones still waiting. Thanks to them I now have a chance to plan a life to get out of the house, make more memories I still have a long way to go but now I can live!
We are all very lucky to be alive and without the transplant team and the department we wouldnt stand a chance.
Please help me help them by sponsoring me, my brother and boyfriend on our 5k walk on the 9th September 2018. Anything helps even if it is just a pound.
I appreciate your donation.
Thank you xx

Amy Mitha