As many of you know my brother Jeremy suffered multiple organ failure after contracting invasive Group A Streptococcus, which caused pneumonia, infection of the blood (sepsis) and Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.

On the 27th July Jeremy and Hannah went out for Hannah’s birthday, 24hrs later Hannah thankfully, called an ambulance for him as he was really unwell with a temperature, cough and sickness.

The ICU team at West Middlesex Hospital took care of him but despite their interventions his condition rapidly deteriorated. Following close consultation with the Brompton Hospital, their ECMO retrieval team came to rescue him at 2am on the 30th July.

This specialist team and the equipment and ambulance they have access to saved his life. We know we’re lucky to live close by (only 4 hospitals in England have ECMO) and Jeremy was a good candidate for this treatment as he is super fit, cycling 40km the day before he became unwell.

In difficult circumstances, the team managed to get Jeremy on ECMO and to ICU at the Brompton. The team there are incredible and have been so kind to Jeremy and to us as a family.

Jeremy is doing all he can to fight to get stronger and back on his feet. He’s working hard with the physio team and making progress daily. We can’t wait to see Jeremy on his mountain bike, sea swimming and playing with Arthur. He’s being very strong and is focused on his recovery and not what’s happened.

We know Jeremy is here and able to fight due to do the exceptional care he has received, and we will all be forever grateful for the help they have given us and other families.

The Royal Brompton is partnered with Harefield Hospital a specialist heart and lung hospital. Our Dad received excellent care from them following his heart attack in March 2022. Dad is recovering well from his open heart bypass surgery. He’s back swimming regularly and chasing after his grandchildren.

Hannah and I along with our friends, Louisa, Rosie, Tracey, Jess, Claire, Hilary and Sarah feel we should also give ourselves a challenge alongside raising some funds for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity. We will work with the team to do something specific with the money we hopefully raise.

On the 14th October between us we will run over 110km at the Richmond Autumn Riverside Run. It would mean so much if you could sponsor us and help us along the way.

Sophie, Hannah, Louisa, Rosie, Tracey, Hilary, Jess, Sarah and Claire x

Sophie Curthoys