Hi! I’m Becca, and I’m ‘The Captain’ of the fantastic ‘Team Heart(less)’. This dream team is made up of myself, my parents (Linda and Mike), and my good friends Hannah and Todd. We are planning on completing the 2km version.

In October 2017, I collapsed one day after vomiting blood and was rushed to hospital with sepsis. It was then found I had a mass in my chest. After an emergency surgery, I was diagnosed with heart cancer, with the right ventricle having been almost completely blocked by a tumour. I had a Grade III spindle cell cardiac sarcoma. I subsequently underwent two rounds of absolutely brutal in-patient chemotherapy, which unfortunately did not succeed. I ended up being rushed to Harefield Hospital following a cardiac arrest. On 31 January I had a cardiectomy and I now am alive only by being on a Syncardia Total Artificial Heart 50cc with Freedom Driver. I was finally discharged in April 2018, having been essentially in hospital and really ill since October 2017, and, if I continue to remain in remission, I will go onto the transplant list, marked as ‘URGENT’ in January 2019.

Harefield Hospital has literally saved my life. The staff – from cleaners to consultants – are brilliant and kind. I went from being desperately unwell to desperately unable to ever say a large enough thank you. It’s never an easy road, but Harefield Hospital makes sure me and my family don’t have to walk it alone.

Please help me to give back to the place and people which have given me more than words can ever say.

Becca Henderson