Over the past months I have learned so much about cystic fibrosis and how it limits the lives of people who struggle with this life long condition. I have learned that many patients have to take up to 40 different medicines a day, that they are often poorly which makes it hard to study or hold down a job or live life like I do.... But I have also met several people who have cystic fibrosis and a more determined, positive group of people I have yet to meet. Last month I met Jack, who is 22 - he's a good looking lad, full of smiles and a strong seam of courage running through his veins. He would really like to work in some field to do with sport, or fashion - or both. But he is often unwell and the last job he had, he lost because of frequent absences either for treatment or because he was not well enough. I was struck by the unfairness of this. Jack is the same age as one of my children. How can I do something to say to Jack and the hundreds of young people like him - let's do something about this? Those of you who know about this Charity will know we have worked hard to raise funds and our donors have been very generous. So here is my bit - using a spirometer will cost around £25 each month. My walk will pay for five months - and I am hoping to go over that target. Will you help me - just sponsor me for one month and I will put my best foot forward. Thank you

Gill Raikes