Each year in gratitude to my second home Harefield hospital, where they saved my life and many other lives, I like to give something by gathering money and love for their charity. This year is special, as I want to do it through my art for the first time. I have created some pieces specifically for this purpose which will be released on my Instagram (which you can find by searching for artbeatsbygolpira) and a percentage of the price of this series will go to this fundraising.

All donations will go to the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals charity, with money going to a variety of uses including the purchase of life-saving equipment, life-enhancing machines that make patients' lives much easier, and activities to bring a sense of normality in the hospital to patients undergoing transplants without their loved ones around them.

I think this is particularly important at this time and hope you will join me in contributing to this important cause.

Golpira Mirzazadeh