I might have got carried away here. A few months ago I was listening to someone who had taken part in this event before. She spoke with such enthusiasm about the mental training and exhilaration you'll feel after the walk that I failed to consider that it might also be a bit hot!

But who doesn't need to shake off the monotony of the last 18 months? So here I am ready to handle the heat, try something new and face my fears.

I'm fundraising for the Patient's Fund. Money from this pot goes towards lots of projects of varying sizes which make life as a patient at RB&HH better. From brightening up wards with art, to buying equipment so patients can work on their rehabilitation virtually, to projects which will help patients with autism and learning difficulties feel more comfortable in the hospital environment.

Whether you have a couple of quid to spare or a couple of hundred, a donation to my fundraising page and the Patients' Fund will make a massive difference.

If you fancy taking on this bucket-list challenge, come walk with me!

Thank you!!

Hannah Goodwin