We have set up this fundraising page in memory of David Fry, a dear man who brought light to a large number of people from many different walks of life during his 64 years. Since surviving cancer in his twenties, he had always felt fortunate to be alive and proceeded to make the very most of his life – personally and professionally. He was filled with joy and a huge strength of character. The courage, determination, optimism, tolerance and sheer humanity that he displayed in the last few weeks of his life at the Royal Brompton were characteristic of him and epitomised his whole approach to life.

For much of his career David worked in areas related to healthcare and we think that the Early Careers Fund is something that would be very close to his heart. As a family we are so grateful for the extraordinary kindness shown to him and to us by the staff at the Royal Brompton during the last few weeks of his life and we hope that donations to this Fund in his memory will contribute in some small way to helping others.

Thank you so much to all the staff at the Royal Brompton for the outstanding work you do. You too bring light.

Nicky Holt