Nigel was a much loved father, partner, grandfather, brother and son!!
He is greatly missed and spoken about daily.
To raise money we have a charity band night at the Oak & Castle Pevencey on 6th April, as well as a sponsored walk along Eastbourne seafront (date to be confirmed)

Nigel was the master of Lego and the fixer of all, as well as the king of tuna pasta bake and pork chops.
To say thank you for all of this, we are fundraising for Harefield Hospital.
If it was not for the support of those at Harefield, Nigel would not have been able to have the medication that extended his life. Nigel would not have been able to be part of so many extra family memories.
The care, support and check ins from the team of Harefield not only supported Nigel but also his partner.
As Nigel’s Birthday is April we are raising money to give back to the Hospital. Emma Wright