My son (Amy's godson), Rory, was born with serious heart and gastric defects. From his first day of life he was in and out of surgery at the Royal Brompton to correct his aorta, that was too narrow to pump blood around his body - his oesophagus, that wasn't connected to his stomach - and large holes in his heart that needed a bypass to repair. Rory was desperately ill several times in his first couple of years but the staff at the Brompton never gave up. The care he received from the assistants, nurses, doctors, consultants, surgeons and specialists was truly exemplary. He is now an active and happy 7 year old boy who loves football, Lego, football and more football. We wanted to raise some money to give back to the Brompton to thank them for saving Rory's life. We are not natural runners but felt a challenge was needed to encourage you to part with your cash. So we are going to attempt to run for 13.1 miles without stopping. Even if we pass a lovely looking pub!

Isla Cripps