Hi everyone,

Firstly thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page! I look forward to telling you all that I managed to get to the finish line of the Royal Parks Half Marathon!

When Grandad was in Harefield Hospital last year, he had two big operations on his heart for a stent and a pacemaker. Throughout his stay he would always say how lovely the staff were. He felt so at home and comfortable which is all we could have asked for! After many days in his bed, he was thrilled to be given the only mobile monitor on the ward. His health and mindset improved dramatically, he could walk around the hospital, sit in the gardens with my nan and speak to people in other wards. Every day when I saw him, he would tell me all of the gossip... I was blown away by his happiness and positivity.

I loved hearing about how he had managed to walk a further distance than the day before, normally a concept that I, and many would take for granted, we counted the steps. Shortly before he was discharged, he would take pride in walking us to and from the exit, which was one of my best and worst parts of the day; seeing him walk well and waving to us would bring us all such happiness but it was always so awful to say goodbye.

In August last year, due to further health complications, Grandad passed away. I am running the half-marathon for him and the Harefield Hospital to raise as much as possible so that the hospital can fund new equipment to help patients in the wards.

Thank you so much for your time, feel free to send me running inspiration/tips/blister plasters... I think I will need them!

What your donation can do:
£10 - This can buy four communication packs to help intensive care patients communicate with their doctors and loved ones post surgery.
£150 - This can buy a camp bed so that a young patient can have a family member sleep beside them at night
£200 - This can buy an exercise bike for patients to gain strength before being discharged from hospital.

Any amount that you contribute is amazing, and greatly appreciated, thank you! Katie Haddon