Back in 2019 I was transferred to Harefield Hospital on blue lights, they took care of me for almost 2 months, after eventually deciding that I needed a triple heart bypass, I found out I had inherited heart disease, this was something that would have been affecting my heart since my early 20’s unbeknown to me.
5 days after the op I walked out the door and have had the most Fantastic care from Harefield ever since.
During my stay i witnessed their amazing work not only for myself but the patients around me.
I owe my life to this hospital and have been waiting for the day I can start to pay forward the care they gave me.
I know it’s short notice but I have only just had to go ahead from my Medical team that I can do this… I need to raise a min of £150 in 6 days so even if you could donate £1 I would be so grateful!

Keeley Hellyer