When I was a young child I had life changing heart surgery, here is my story. Thank you for taking the time to read my story:)

At the age of four I sat in a nurse's room at my local GP whilst my older sibling was having her routine asthma check up. I had to go along that day with my mum and my sisters because my dad worked in the day whilst my mum looked after my siblings and I. The nurse thought it would be a good idea to complete some routine checks on my younger sibling and I. I am so very grateful she did. Because that was when she discovered something wasn't right.

Within a week I was seeing a consultant and undergoing scans. The doctors had discovered I had a hole in my heart that was growing with age. Six months after being diagnosed I was in the operating theatre. I was just five when I had to go into surgery where they discovered I had a problem with one of my valves too. That day a team of incredible medical professionals saved my life. If it wasn't for the teams of doctors, nurses and surgeons I wouldn't be here today.

I am now 19 and I remember a lot about my surgery and the care I received. I am now old enough to start raising money for this amazing charity.

I have always wanted to raise money and awareness for the hospital so other young children and adults can gain the same care that I did.

Everyday hospitals like The Royal Brompton save lives and put their patients first. I am so grateful for the love, support and care that I received so I am now giving something back.

I am Abseiling the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London in aid of the charity! I am very grateful for any donations made and I hope together we can raise as much as we can.

Thank you for reading my story it means the world!

#Savinglives #RBH Leah Ingall