On May 9th I will be running my first ever half marathon. It was never an ambition of mine, but I wanted to do something to raise money for a charity close to my heart, that contributed to saving the life of my nephew... Meet Lenny.

On boxing day 2016, my nephew aged 13 months was rushed to hospital by ambulance struggling for every breath. Little did we know he had caught influenza a (bird flu). The flu took its toll on his little body and deteriorated rapidly whilst being kept in hospital. Whist in St Peters hospital, Lenny contracted another virus called Adenovirus which combined with the bird flu collapsed both his lungs meaning he had to be put into an induced coma to prevent organ failure and transferred to St Thomas hospital London.
We were left helpless witnessing this little boy fighting for his life, whilst being warned his young body may not be strong enough to fight. Miraculously the little fighter pulled through and gained strength day by day until eventually 4 months later being transferred to the Royal Brompton Hospital who immediately diagnosed Lenny with a very rare lung disease called Obliterans Bronchiolitis which has no cure, meaning he will be oxygen dependant his whole life.
Since then the RBH have managed to get Lenny down to oxygen only at night time and have prescribed him with his daily medicine that has made an incredible difference to his life.

Thanks to the RBH and the Rose ward in particular

Any donation small or large will help other children in similar positions Glen Nolan