My good friend Lucy's mum, Clair was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease called LAM in 2004, shortly after her daughter was born. The doctors had said she would be lucky to see Lucy to her 4th birthday. But with the miracle oppurtunity of a double lung transplant that Clair received at the Harefield her life was saved. She grasped every oppurtunity after this gift to live a happy and fullfilling life. Unfortuantely in 2014, Clair grew ill again due to infections, however with the Harefield's support and expertise she was given another double lung transplant, again to save her life. Clair was well known fondly at the Harefield by all the staff. She was able to go on fabulous holidays with her family, make the most amazing happy memories due to the wonderful gift the Harefield and organ donation enabled her to have. Unfortuantely last March, her fight came to an end and she passed away peacefully in the Harefield Hospital surronded by her loved ones. The Charity was very important to Clair, who attended all the fun runs and raised money for the hospital even when she was in a wheelchair. So that is why this Charity is so important to me. Luke Jagger