We all love the NHS. It gets bashed left right and centre in the papers and there always seems to be an agenda when discussing the future of the NHS. However, put simply it is one of the greatest things about living in the UK and the daily work of the NHS is phenomenal.

When my dad started to struggle out walking he thought it was a touch of angina or simply part and parcel of getting old. When he felt extreme tiredness, again, just part of getting old. It was when he started to struggle walking to the bar and we were having to get the rounds in we knew something was up.
When my mum started to struggle walking she thought it was poor circulation and part of getting old. Again, when she struggled to go to the January Sales we knew something was up.

It was the NHS and the Royal Brompton who came to the rescue. Dad needed a triple bypass - no problem. Mum needs a stent put in to her main artery - no problem.

Dad has just had his operation and I have watched the care of his nurses - Carmena and Francesco to name just two - getting him up on his feet and joking with him. Astounding care. Mum is going in over August to get patched up herself and will no doubt benefit from the same love and care.

I felt it would be good to raise a little bit of money just to say thanks so they can keep doing what they have done for my dad. Although I enjoy running I have never run a marathon. Only the odd half marathon. So who knows...maybe the money you donate will sort me out after the race.

I will be running the Richmond Marathon on September 16th 2018 and I aim to complete it in under 4 hours.

Thank you and thanks to the surgeons and nurses of the Royal Brompton. David Weston