I am going to be running the London Landmarks half marathon for Covid 19 relief fund, which is raising money for the healthcare workers, who have fought tirelessly over the past year and half. And who now continue to work hard to catch up on the backlog of surgeries and treatments caused by the pandemic. This appeal will also get the specialist life-saving equipment for our patients needing urgent care right now and in future.

As someone who has worked in ICU throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As someone who had to have the most difficult conversations with relatives of a dying patient over the phone.
As someone who hugged crying exhausted colleagues in full PPE. As someone who was hugged by a colleague when crying and feeling exhausted. As someone who contracted Covid-19 at work. As someone who cared for their own children who both contracted Covid-19 from them. As someone who suffers from long Covid. As someone who is anxious about another wave because she knows what it means for healthcare workers. As someone who hasn’t been able to hug her mum for a year. As someone who knows that many many excellent nurses are leaving the profession because they feel exhausted, underpaid, unappreciated, forgotten and burnt out, I am trying to raise some money which would go to the healthcare workers who ARE NOT HEROES, but normal human beings who need to be cared for now. Please help me to help this cause by donating any amount of money. Every penny counts. Marie Symonds Dubska