In 2006 I was diagnosed with a bicuspid heart valve that was causing an enlarged heart. After a decade of monitoring me Mr Rosendahl said it was time to repair the valve by replacing it with a tissue one. In 2016 I was "fitted" with a cow's aortic valve. I had the most amazing care and support and wanted to help others. Two other close family members have had life changing operations at the RBH over the past century (wife and grandparent) too!

The Club Des Cingles challenge is to climb the three roads that lead to the summit in a 24 hour period. In total this is 4,400 metres of climbing. The most I've ever done in a day is 2,600.

Update (9/7/19) : I made my attempt on Saturday 6th July. I completed 3,069 metre's of climbing over a 12 hour period. I covered about 119KM of distance and burnt over 3,600 calories! The temperature at one point reaching 41 degrees. Brutal. Robert Chapman