Natasha and Fay will be jumping for the Royal Brompton Hospital on 23rd May. Thank you for your kind donations. Please read Rubens story.

Ruben is just over a year old now, but, at just 10 days old his family where informed that Ruben had a congenital heart defect and that he was in the early stages of organ failure. Ruben was sent to the Royal Brompton Hospital for emergency surgery.

Rubens chances were slim as his heart condition had not been detected before birth. Ruben was diagnosed with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome, this condition meant he needed to have a three stage operation. He has already had 2 of the 3 stages done.

The hospital was amazing, they provided support, care, equipment and physio for Ruben’s 6 month stay. The hospital is always needing new equipment to move along with the progression in medical science.

We are raising money for The Royal Brompton by doing a skydive from 13000 feet so any support and sponsorship is greatly appreciated in helping to raise awareness and funds for this wonderful hospital. Natasha West Fay Forbes