This year, Planet Pharma will be partnering with Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity, after a companywide vote. The charity itself is one that has touched many of us, through personal experiences we have had across both the hospitals. The impact they have on their patients’ lives is incredible, not only their patients, but also in the support and comfortability of their wider families.

Below are some of what the team had to say:

- “I have an uncle that suffers from COPD, and he is limited in his daily activities because of it – thanks to the research and treatments by amazing organisations like The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Charity, his life has been made significantly better. He’s able to live most days without being restricted by his symptoms and recently was able to do a weekend at Disneyland Paris with his grandchildren, outrunning them to every ride!”

- “Having a lung condition myself, and with others I know, who also deal with heart and lung conditions, I only felt it right to choose a charity close to many of our hearts, a charity we can really reside with. I understand the importance of the work RBHC carry out, and the impact the donations in which they receive make.”

- "Having had some heart issues back in 2023, I reached out to The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Charity and the process couldn't have been any easier – it was smooth, quick and I felt incredibly supported! I was in communication with Dr Gati, who was especially helpful and informative, even taking the time out of her day to speak to me in the evenings, advising how we move forward. I needed to have MRI scans, with everything completed in 1-2 weeks. I am hugely appreciative of this charity!”

We will host and join various fundraising events throughout the year, supporting the charity to raise vital funds for patients with heart and lung conditions. From Battersea Park 10KM Run to Bake Sales and Quizzes, there's plenty in store! We will also look to provide volunteers from the Planet Team to support the work at the charity, such as fundraising events!

The team here at Planet would be so very grateful if you could support their endeavors, however big or small, by sponsoring them and helping this incredible charity fund their invaluable work.

Thank you so very much! Planet Pharma