I am currently cycling across Europe, from England to Athens. I’ve already cycled over 1700km, I’ve crossed over the alps and cycled through 9 countries. I’m now in Croatia and plan to get to Athens. Before I left a few people asked if I was doing this ride for charity. To be honest I hadn’t really thought about it and was too busy before I left to sort it out. However, whilst I have been riding my cousin, Rowena Hills, has been admitted to the Royal Brompton hospital in London. The Brompton is the UK’s largest specialist heart and lung medical centre. Rowena was born with a hole in her heart, among other numerous complications. She had pioneering and lifesaving surgery at the Brompton as a child and has been in and out of the hospital all her life. Now in her thirties she continues to bravely fight her medical condition with incredible spirit but has been admitted to the Brompton several times this year with complications. The thought of her confined to her bed whilst I am out enjoying (most of the time) cycling along has spurred me up numerous hills.
I would therefore like to try to raise some sponsorship for the Royal Brompton to help them improve even further the fantastic care that they give to the many people suffering from serious heart and lung conditions. Anything you can give would be much appreciated. Simon Jones