Sadly on the 16th of August 2021 my mum gained her angel wings after a 17 day battle in hospital with Covid-19. Leaving behind a loving husband, 5 children and 10 grandchildren!
One thing we will always be forever grateful to Harefield for, is that they gave my mum a chance at another life! One where she was able to go out and play with her grandchildren and see them grow!

11 years ago we knew that our mum wouldn’t last another winter, she suffered with copd and had about 27% of her lungs working. She was a very poorly lady and on oxygen at home. Then one day we found out the news that if my mum could get her fitness up slightly and lose a bit of weight they would put her on a transplant list! Through many tears she would fight through this with nurses at home walking to one end of the room to another with her oxygen on a trolley.
She was always such a fighter!
The day came when she was fit enough to go live on the list and safely undergo the major operation this entails.
no more then 3 weeks later she received the call!! A set of lungs that matched my mums blood type! So my mum and my step dad was taken to Harefield where me and my oldest brother met them there. then a couple of hours later we received sad news that they collapsed…. Thankfully my mum stayed in over night with my stepdad as at 6am the following morning a doctor arrived with the most amazing luckiest news ever! That another set of lungs that matched was on there way to them! (And on her husband Gary Friths birthday!! What a birthday present 🎁 ❤️)
God bless the donor and their family’s for this chance for us to spend more time with our mum!
11 years my mum had ❤️ It wasn’t a smooth journey, she battled a lot including lung rejection twice and kidney failure but she made it through every single obstacle she faced! we all gained some amazing memories with her that we otherwise wouldn’t of had the chance too.
With all our thanks to Harefield hospital for all the amazing work they do daily and all the help my mums had over the last 11 years!
Around 9-10 years ago our family joined our mum at Harefields annual fun run. Which was where we first found out about the sky diving. Back then I weighed to much but ever since we always spoke about me doing the sky dive for Harefield! We was so excited! my mum wanted to do it too but unfortunately she wouldn’t of been allowed so she would of been there waiting at the bottom for me ❤️ Every year went past we would plan it but something would get in the way.
I’ve been given the chance to do it this year! 2 days after my mums funeral. I know she will be there with me every step of the way! And with the biggest smile on her face ❤️

Please sponsor me to jump out of that plane 10,000ft in the air!!

On the 11th of September 2021!!!

It’s for the most amazing hospital there is saving lives daily putting smiles back on families faces just like ours ❤️

In memory of Marion sartin-frith x my Best friend, my mum x

Kayleigh Sartin