🌻 I remember the first day I met dear little Megan, she was about 5, my children and Megan had just met and were playing in the back garden. I remember saying “Hi, I’m Sue” and Megan replied “I’m Megan and I’ve had a heart operation”. She couldn’t wait to show me her scar! I thought, wow, what an incredible, cheerful, confident young lady. Over the coming years we came to know and love Megan more and more. She always brought fun, love and laughter with her.

🌻It is thanks to Megan’s surgical team at the Royal Brompton, and those who have raised money in years gone by, that we shared these good times with Megan, who approached treatment with a smile on that beautiful face. So when the sad news came last September that Megan had passed away, it shook us all.

🌻Everyone who knew and loved Megan, pledged to ‘Be more like Megan’ and through “Missions with Meg’s” I am doing a 10,000 ft skydive, with Beth and Megan’s Mum Sarah, raising money for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, so they can continue their work, enabling other people like us to enjoy and have fun with their friends and family, just like we did with Megan.

🌻Megan did a skydive herself, so when I’m togged up and about to get on that plane, I know I’ll feel nervous, but I will do my best to be brave like Megan was, with a cheery smile like Megan always had, sharing banter with other skydivers like Megan would have, and once I ‘land’ I will go and have a huge glass of my favourite tipple - just like Megan definitely would have! We will raise a few glasses in Megan’s honour for sure. Throughout Megan’s precious 21 years she always knew to make the most of each and every day and have fun. A wise head on very young shoulders!

🌻Through Megan’s selfless and generous organ donations, lives have been saved and improved . What a privilege it is to know such an amazing young woman, and hugely deserved to have recently received ‘The Order of St John’ award for organ donation, awarded by HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

🌻It’s a pleasure to be fundraising for the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals - such a worthy cause. Giving forward to others, what was so willingly given by those before us to help treat Megan. I am very grateful for whatever donation you can give to support this ‘10,000 ft Mission for Megs’
Thank you, Sue

Sue Hill