We are fundraising in Syd’s memory so that we can give something back in gratitude for the treatment care and support that Syd and family received at Harefield Hospital, over many years.
Sydney had a heart bypass at Harefield in 2005 which was hugely successful and following this he enjoyed many active years. Syd was very grateful for his treatment and post recovery, took up the recommended exercise classes in the community and cycled regularly.
in subsequent years he was referred to Harefield again, this time for complex lung conditions.
Following his diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment plan was put in place. As part of the ongoing management of his lung condition Syd attended rehabilitation classes at the gym in Harefield Hospital, for patients in recovery, which Sydney enjoyed immensely.
During all the interactions we had at Harefield Hospital as both inpatient and outpatient we met many other patients with a variety of complex and sometimes life-threatening heart and lung conditions.
The care and support from the various specialist teams at Harefield Hospital was just incredible.
We are immensely grateful for the treatment and hope to raise some money for the charity, to support the amazing work that is carried out throughout the trust.
Thank you for your support,

Alison Woods