My name is Tomas and my goal is to get right around the World within a year.

I have been given the amazing opportunity to be working with the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Charity, My goal will be you raise money from every country I go to!!

I have been an avid traveller since I was 17 and began by travelling to Canada to become a snowboard instructor. From there my passion grew more and more as I chased The Winter sport seasons around the world. This meant that I
lived in several different countries such as Canada, Japan, USA and Australia with lots of little holidays in between the start of ski seasons. I had every intention to carry on this traveling dream but unfortunately in 2015 I received some bad news.
I was born with a hole in my heart and a few problems with my heart ventricles, so was classed as a 'Blue Baby' or to use the medical term 'Tetralogy of Fallot' . I've spent the whole of my life making sure my heart has never held me back by competing in sports and always pushing my limits. I had to have regular yearly checkups at The Brompton Hospital in London and In 2015 I got told that the hole was leaking more than the doctors liked so in 2016 the doctors gave me the news that there was no longer a choice and that I would have to go under my second round of open heart surgery .

So On 6th January 2017 I went under the knife again ! I was meant to be in hospital for a minimum of 6 weeks but managed to get discharged after 5 entertaining and emotional days.

I honestly feel that the biggest motivation of me coming out of hospital so quickly was how lucky I felt and excited of the opportunities I still had. I decided to start planning this trip as that passion for traveling had been reignited. This time however, I want to share my experiences and knowledge with as many people as I can.

During these videos I will be documenting everything on my 327days of traveling around the world from the highs to the lows of traveling. I want to show that anyone can do it, you just have to have the right motivation to do it ! I want to give you the knowledge and tools that is not always shown to you on those amazing edits online.

During my filming process I will be showing you everything from how I started planning to getting everything prepared for the trip. I will also be talking about those little hidden costs we forget about such as visa's and medical vacinations, insurance and all importantly what you need to take with you.

Don’t worry it won’t all be boring stuff like that as I also want to show off how amazing the world is and what you are missing if you are spending every minute trapped behind your phone or a PlayStation, (I was one of those people DON’T FALL FOR THAT TRAP)

I want to show the truth about traveling and the worlds hidden treasures, as to see that amazing beach sometimes you might need to get 2 tukuks, a bus, 2 boats and a stupidly long walk……… for that true paradise beach.

I want to show you the amazing cultures that exist around the world and to show you that the world is a friendly place not just what we all see on the news

I already have some amazing stories from my previous travels, but I really hope that you guys will join me in discovering my new ones and find my videos helpful but most of all entertaining.
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Tomas Tomas Nocentini