On the 15th September I am going to be 50 - hurrah ! A time for celebration! A time to party, to paint the town red!

Those of you reading this will know the special significance of this to me and instead of any gift, I would much rather that if anyone has a few spare pennies, they make a donation to the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity. These two hospitals have looked after and cared for me since I was 16 and, on the 10th May 2017, quite literally gave me a new life.

The Charity does some amazing work and at any one time, has a number of projects that they are funding. The one that resonates particularly closely to me is a new appeal called "Back in the Driving Seat - a Cystic Fibrosis Appeal" which is all about developing a first-of-its-kind digital platform, 'CF Future Care'.

The platform will allow people with CF to have virtual consultations and monitor their health wherever they are, giving them greater freedom over their care and their lives. Using remote monitoring tools, they'll be able to: check how well their lungs are working (lung function), measure oxygen levels in their blood and do remote blood testing to monitor their treatment. It seems to me to be a very worthy cause and one that I would like to support and if you are able to as well that would be fabulous and very much appreciated.

For those of you who would like to read my story "The day that changed my life", here is a link to it, which has been published on my Watto'sWords website. https://www.wattoswords.co.uk/blog/the-day-that-changed-my-life